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Barmer is situated about 224 kms from Jodhpur. Located atop a hill, Barmer houses the remains of an old fort called Garh right on its peak. The town has derived its name from its 13th century founder Bahada Rao or Bar Rao. Initially called 'Bahada-mer', the name was later shortened to Barmer. It was however called Mallani in the 12th century AD. The Barmer district forms a part of the Thar Desert and is surrounded by Jaisalmer (north), Jalore (south), Pali and Jodhpur (east) and Pakistan (west).

The present Barmer district was formed upon the merger of Jodhpur with the United States of Great Rajasthan. Barmer is a collection of ancient paraganas - Mallani Shiv, Pachpadra, Siwana and Chohatan.

A trip to Barmer means a close look at rural Rajasthan, wherein you will find mud-walled houses decorated with motifs and Rajasthanis attired in their traditional dresses.

Barmer is known for its rich crafts, dances and music. The town that was once an important route for camel traders, is now considered to be the center for wood carving, pottery, carpets and other intricate embroidery work.

This sun-drenched desert town bears a magnificent look during the exuberant yearly Barmer festival - held in March every year.

Important Information

AreaPopulationAltitudeLanguagesBest Time to VisitSTD Code
28,387 sq. km.19,63,758226 metersHindi, English, RajasthaniAugust to March 02982


  • 43.0 degrees Celsius 27.0 degrees Celsius
  • Winter:
  • 26.0 degrees Celsius 10.0 degrees Celsius
  • Rainfall:
  • 27.75 cm


This ancient village was a principal state in Mallani once upon a time. It has derived its name from the descendants of a Rathore sub-clan. A famous Hind temple here is ornamented with fine sculptures brought from an ancient Jain temple.

Juna Barmer

This town has ruins of an old fort. Perched on a rocky hill, it houses a temple dedicated to Balark (the Sun) and the ancient ruins of Juna Barmer. There is an inscription dated 1295 AD on one of the pillars of the hall of the largest temple at Juna. It mentions a Maharajakula Sri Samanta Sinha Deva ruling Barmer at the time. The town also has remains of three ancient Jain temples.


The old Ranchhriji temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is the biggest attraction of this place. The temple is surrounded by a crumbling wall and has a statue of a Garuda (eagle) guarding the complex. Brahma, Bhairav and Mahadev temples also adorn the town. For the history bit, Khed was conquered by Rao Siha, the founder of the Rathore clan along with his son Asthanji, from the hands of the Guhil Rajputs.


Sitauted in Barmer tehsil, Kiradu is a town on the foot of a hill near village Hathma. Archaeologists have great interest in the place because of the presence of ruins of five ancient temples here. One of the temples is of Lord Vishnu whereas the other four are dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Someshwar Temple is the biggest of all. An 1161 AD inscription in the town shows that the place was initially called Kiratkoop and was the capital of the Punwars.

Mallinath Fair

It is known to be the mother of all fairs for cattle bearers. Held annually near Tilwara, a village in Barmer district on the banks of river Luni, the Mallinath Fair is one of the biggest cattle fairs in Rajasthan. It attracts a number of people not just from the state, but also from neighboring Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Starting from Chaitra Budi Ekadashi to Chaitra Sudi Ekadashi (March-April), the fair lasts a fortnight. Highly popular breeds of cows, camels, sheep, goats and horses are on show in the fair.

Meva Nagar

At a distance of nine kilometers from Baltra lies the 12th century village of Meva Nagar. Formerly called Viranipur, the village lies on the slope of a hill called Nagar-Ki-Bhakarian. Amongst the many Jain temples built here, the Nakoda Parsvanath Temple is the biggest and best. You can also visit a Vishnu temple in the vicinity.


About 23 kms away from Barmer, Neemari, a picturesque garden, is situated on the Chohatan route. For tourists, it has an old swimming pool as an attraction.

Safed Akhara

Another of the tiny gardens in Barmer. It is the famous Sidheswara Mahadev Temple Complex - ripe with all sorts of accommodation and food facilities - that makes this place worth visiting.